ARC August: Mid-way update

We’re about halfway through the month of August, so I thought it would be fun to do an update post on how ARC August (hosted by Read. Sleep. Repeat) is going. It’s not too late to join, check out the announcement here for how to participate!

I originally planned to read 4 ARCs this month, and in the meantime I was approved for one more book on Netgalley (The Bright and Breaking Sea), so I have 5 ARCs to read this month. So far I’ve finished 2, I’m reading 1, and I have 2 left, so I’d say I’m right on track.

The only wrench in my plans is that I got a flood of library ebooks that I’d put on hold literally 3-6 months ago, so I need to finish all of those in the next 2-3 weeks as well… We’ll see what happens!

My progress

The faded images are the books I’ve finished, the partially faded Silvered Serpents is the book I’m currently reading, and the covers in full color are the ones I still have left:

Addie LaRue Star Daughter Silvered Serpents Echo Wife The Bright and Breaking Sea

My thoughts so far

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue was one of my most anticipated books of the year (if not ever!), and I felt very honored to have been approved for an eARC. As much as I love VE Schwab, I have to say she really missed many opportunities to make this book more diverse and inclusive (it reads as very white and western European-centric), especially since the story spans over centuries and the main character is a self-professed lover of traveling around the world. There is queer rep though, so that’s a plus! I still really liked this story, and Addie’s indomitable spirit was inspiring. I’ll post a more thorough review when it’s closer to the book coming out.

Star Daughter was also a highly anticipated book, especially since it’s an own-voice book about my own community (Desi-American, Hindu mythology). I really enjoyed it, and I cannot describe how incredible it was to see so much of myself and my culture in a book. The starry court was so lushly described and whimsical, and my favorite part was seeing a star house named with my name! I’ll post a full review of this book very soon.

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