#ARCAugust wrap-up

It’s officially September! Where is the time going…

In my mid-month progress post, I talked about how I’d finished two ARCs and was planning to read 3 more by the end of the month. I also got a sudden flood of library books that I needed to finish in the last 2 weeks of August, so unfortunately I only finished 3 out of my planned 5 ARCs.

Addie LaRue Star Daughter Silvered Serpents
Echo Wife The Bright and Breaking Sea The Burning God

I also got approved for R.F. Kuang’s The Burning God (!!!!!!!!) last month so I might continue to do…ARC September? I also want to re-read the first two Poppy War books before I read Burning God, so it’s going to be a busy reading month! I usually average 6-8 books per month, so as long as I don’t get another flood of library books I think I’ll be able to read the rest of my ARCs and the Poppy war books.

One thing I learned from reading these ARCs is that I’ve really got to write my reviews of them right after I read them and schedule the post instead of waiting until it’s closer to the release date. I’ve never had so many ARCs at one time (I usually don’t get approved for many of them, but this has been a seriously unbelievably lucky year in terms of Netgalley approvals). I’ve already posted my review of Star Daughter, I’ve scheduled Addie LaRue, and I’m planning to write and schedule Silvered Serpents this week.

If any of you ended up doing #ARCAugust, how did it go?

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