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Thank you Rameela for tagging me in this! If you want to participate, check out the original book tag for The Zumra (We Hunt the Flame) here!

I posted a rather mixed review of WHTF recently, but I have to say that these characters have continued to grow on me months after I put the book down. I’m still impatient with Nasir’s brooding and Zafira’s lack of personality (don’t hate me, WHTF stans!!) but the rest of the characters, the rich world, and the edge-of-my-seat ending make up for it and I’m more excited than ever to read the second book in the series.

Zafira Bint Iskandar: An Emotionally driven character (or book)

Is revenge an emotion because ummm…

In all seriousness though, Fang Runin is such a fierce, stubborn, impulsive warrior who gets into trouble precisely because she refuses to reign in her emotions. If you haven’t already read this book, prepare for pain, and strap in! I’m going to be rereading the series soon to prepare myself for The Burning God and I’m already crying.

Nasir Ghameq: angsty boy A character that’s conflicted/at war with themselves

Sheetal isn’t at war with herself in an angsty way like Nasir, her own body is literally at war with itself as her 17th birthday nears. Sheetal is half human and half star, and her magic is starting to get out of control. She doesn’t know where she belongs, she doesn’t know who she can trust, and that sets her up for a lot of internal conflict. I really enjoyed her literal journey to the star court but also her emotional journey of finding peace with her mom who left her as a child and finding confidence in herself and her identity.

Kifah Darwish: A book with lots of food in it (or another foodie character)

Laila from the Gilded Wolves loves to bake (as do I…hmm maybe I should make some Laila-inspired cakes soon). There’s also a ton of descriptions of lavish and mouth-watering banquets and dinners in this book, reading it made me seriously hungry!

Benyamin Haadi: A book with a “Mom” character (or a book with wisdom you didn’t seek)

I don’t think this prompt was meant for a literal mom character but Alana from Saga is too badass not to mention! This is a story about parents who literally travel across the universe to keep their kid safe, and the fierce love they feel for Hazel is so awesome to see in sci-fi, where most characters either have dead parents, absent parents, or evil parents.

Altair Al-Badawi: A Secretive character (or a book that kept you guessing)

Seriously nothing could have prepared me for the big reveal(s) of this gothic horror novel. Noemí winds up in a strange gothic mansion in 1950s Mexico to try and figure out why her sister has been sending strange letters. Literally every character is keeping secrets about the house, the past, and what they want from Noemí. Secrets abound!

Deen Ra’ad: A simp A pure cinnamon roll

Anden from Jade City is the purest of the cinnamon rolls! The poor kid just wants to do what’s best for his adoptive family, and he gets dragged neck deep into things he never expected.

Yasmine Ra’ad: A Character you wouldn’t want on your bad side

This is hands down going to be Harrowhark from Gideon the Ninth. I absolutely do not want a fearless and relentless bone necromancer to be pissed at me, especially since I don’t think we’ve seen her lose a fight??

Lana bint Iskandar: A character that has to grow up too quickly : (

This one was easy, Citra and Rowan from Scythe. In this future world of Earth, medicine and technology have evolved to the point where no one dies. Of course overpopulating the earth is still a problem, so people called Scythes are charged with gleaning or killing people in an unbiased and random way to keep the population down. Both Citra and Rowan are teenagers when they are recruited for the job, and have to grapple with so much heartache while also trying to outwit a monster who wants to rig the system to help himself…

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