Kritika and the Cosmere (spoiler free!)

The end of the semester is fast approaching and it’s been insanely busy trying to get things done before the holidays. I’ve been really looking forward to reading Rhythm of War over break, but I realized that my memory for the rest of the Stormlight Archive (and the rest of the Cosmere…) is pretty shabby and I could use a refresher.

Brazilian Covers of Mistborn, Art by Marc Simonetti

I started reading the Mistborn books in undergrad, when a friend talked me into it and let me borrow his books (I hadn’t read high fantasy in a while, it was starting to feel stale to me). I liked the first book, didn’t really like the second until the very end, and COMPLETELY LOST MY MIND reading the third book. The series grew so much in scope, the characters transformed, and I got answers to questions I didn’t even think of asking. It was incredible! That got me started on reading the rest of the books in the Cosmere (as well as more fantasy books in general). I think I’ve done a good job of keeping up with all of the books, although it’s been a little hard to stay up to speed with the novellas and short stories.

Rhythm of War is the 4th book in a planned 5 book arc of the Stormlight Archive, so I think we’re due for some reveals of how Roshar and the shards there connect to the other worlds in the Cosmere. Of course, I’d probably miss half the reveals if I didn’t brush up on the older books, so here’s my reread plan (inspired by some advice from Elliot Brooks):

  1. Oathbringer Edgedancer
    1. I started off wanting to jump right into Oathbringer (I’ve read the first 2 Stormlight books a few times, so I thought I could get away with a youtube refresher on those), but then realized I didn’t remember much about Lift and her adventures. So I diverted and re-read Edgedancer first
  2. Oathbringer
    1. I’m currently working my way through Oathbringer, I’m about halfway through this monster 1200+ page book. We still haven’t hit my favorite parts of the book yet, but I will say I’m enjoying it more and catching more foreshadowing the second time around.
  3. Warbreaker
    1. I remember noticing some Warbreaker connections in Oathbringer, and I’m sure it’ll come up again in Rhythm of War, so I definitely want to skim this one
Illustrations by Dan Dos Santos
  1. Dawnshard
    1. This one is new to me, so it’ll be exciting to hop off the reread train and read the latest novella!
    1. can’t wait to dive into this book, I’ve heard so many good things about it and I’d love to discuss it with other bookish friends!!
  3. Mistborn
    1. I think it might be worth another read of the Mistborn books after reading so many other books in the Cosmere, maybe I’ll find new connections?

If anyone wants to join me on my re-read journey, or wants to chat about Rhythm of War whenever I get there, please let me know!! Giant books and series like these are always more fun with friends to discuss them with, you never know what small detail someone else might have noticed that you missed out on 😀

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