Happy end of 2020!

It’s been a crazy year, and just when you think things will start to look up, another challenge gets thrown in your way. I thought I would have some time to rest and recharge during the last week of the year, but I’ve still been drowning in work. I’ve decided to take next week off so that will be a nice relaxing start to the new year!

I’m starting to put together my reading stats for this past year. I’m really curious to see how my reading has changed since the last time I did a recap a few years ago. I know I’ve been reading more books by BIPOC lately, but what other trends am I going to discover? I’m planning to have that up early next month, so stay tuned!

To the few of you who have been reading and liking my posts, I appreciate you all so much. I’ve been a mess this year and haven’t been good about visiting other blogs and finding other like-minded readers, so I appreciate those of you who have found and stuck with me!

1 thought on “Happy end of 2020!”

  1. I love reading others bookish stats as well as doing my own. It’s pretty daunting though since I have been slacking on recording them the past few months lol I’ll be keeping an eye out for your post!


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