2020 Reading Stats

As promised, here are all my analyses of my reading from 2020! I haven’t done one of these in a few years, so I don’t have numbers from 2019 to make any comparisons, but 2020 ended up being less of an anomaly than I was expecting. Considering I had a lot of trouble focusing on books during the first few months of quarantine, I never expected that I would end up reading my usual 85 books per year (granted, a lot more of them were audiobooks this year, but more on that later).

I spent an absurd amount of time trying to figure out how to make some of these graphs using python (pandas timeseries, curse you!) but I’m pretty happy with them 🙂

The Year in Snapshots

Here’s a breakdown of how many books and pages I read per month in 2020. Apparently February and June were my worst reading months. I remember having really terrible mental health in June and struggling to read, but I cannot for the life of me remember what I was doing in pre-pandemic February that kept me from reading more than 3 books that month!

I knew I read a lot more audiobooks than usual last year, because they were a lot easier to focus on when my brain was really anxious and tired. I also watched a LOT more TV for the same reason but who’s keeping track of that? I was expecting to see more audiobooks than ebooks to be honest, which was true for May and September, but apparently I did end up reading more ebooks and physical copies this past year.

I decided to put the number of pages on the graph too, to see if maybe the months where I read less books were also the months I read longer books. This was definitely true in December, when I was doing my Stormlight rereads before I started reading Rhythm of War. Another fun thing I noticed was the my best reading month, July, was also right around the time I decided to revive my blog. It seems like my enthusiasm for books died down a little since then, but I have been reading steadily and that’s what matters!

Average rating: 3.98

True to form, I mostly gave books 4 stars last year. I only had a couple of 2 star reads and no 1 star reads! That checks out with my reading habits for the past few years, I’m getting better at not picking up or not finishing books that I don’t like.

I thought it would be fun to see how my ratings changed over time, to see if I had a particularly bad month or a really good one. It looks like November was a rough month, with half of my 2-star ratings, but December was great with only 4 and 5 star books 🙂 August makes me laugh because apparently I rated books with 2,3,4, and 5 stars all in a row, what are the odds? I kept the titles out of the plot because 1) it’s hard to read and 2) I didn’t wanna be mean to the 2-star books.

Favorite Genres, Favorite Books

As usual, my most-read genres were fantasy and science fiction, followed closely by historical fiction. I was surprised mysteries weren’t higher on the list, but I think last year I read less than usual because they were too stressful. I also think the mystery books got split up between “mystery” and “psychological thriller” so maybe if I combined them they’d be bigger on the word cloud. A new genre this year for me was romance, my first ever romance book was Boyfriend Material, and it got me out of my June reading slump. I still don’t read a lot of it, but the few books I read were fun and all featured queer or BIPOC characters. If anyone has recs, hit me up!

I read a LOT more YA than usual in 2020. Part of it was because my brain was tired and it was easier to digest the simpler stories, but mostly it was because there were so many books featuring BIPOC and queer characters that I wanted to support. I didn’t have so many options when I was an actual teenager, and there were just so many good books to choose from (The Gilded Wolves series! Raybearer! These Violent Delights! They Both Die at the End! You Should See Me in a Crown!). I did notice that I never gave the YA books more than 4 stars though, and as much as I want to support books that feature diverse characters, I think I’m going to read more diverse adult fiction in the future.

I had a lot of 5 star books from 2020, but here’s a collage of some of my favorites. I’ll put reviews up for most of these, hopefully soon if I haven’t already!


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