ARC Review: Jade Legacy (spoiler free!)

Title: Jade Legacy Author: Fonda J. Lee Rating: 5/5 stars Summary: Jade, the mysterious and magical substance once exclusive to the Green Bone warriors of Kekon, is now known and coveted throughout the world. Everyone wants access to the supernatural abilities it provides, from traditional forces such as governments, mercenaries, and criminal kingpins, to modern… Continue reading ARC Review: Jade Legacy (spoiler free!)


Review: The Rose Code

Title: The Rose Code Author: Kate Quinn Rating: 5/5 stars Summary: 1940. As England prepares to fight the Nazis, three very different women answer the call to mysterious country estate Bletchley Park, where the best minds in Britain train to break German military codes. Vivacious debutante Osla is the girl who has everything—beauty, wealth, and… Continue reading Review: The Rose Code


Review: The Wolf and the Woodsman

Title: The Wolf and the Woodsman Author: Ava Reid Rating: 4/5 stars Summary: In her forest-veiled pagan village, Évike is the only woman without power, making her an outcast clearly abandoned by the gods. The villagers blame her corrupted bloodline—her father was a Yehuli man, one of the much-loathed servants of the fanatical king. When… Continue reading Review: The Wolf and the Woodsman


ARC Review: She Who Became The Sun

Title: She Who Became The Sun Author: Shelley Parker-Chan Rating: 4.5/5 stars Summary: In a famine-stricken village on a dusty yellow plain, two children are given two fates. A boy, greatness. A girl, nothingness… In 1345, China lies under harsh Mongol rule. For the starving peasants of the Central Plains, greatness is something found only… Continue reading ARC Review: She Who Became The Sun